Hi all,

Thank you again for your support with the past Kona Ice (October total $64.60) , Habilitat ($670.00), and Big City Diner fundraisers ($191.72). All proceeds raised go back to the school to support their efforts in educating the students and supplying needed resources to our school’s staff and faculty!

We have 2 active fundraisers right now: Kona Ice (11/13/2020) and Square Barrels (11/8/2020 – 11/21/2020).

We receive 20% of sales with Kona Ice and they deliver to you place of residence (within 4 miles of Kaimuki Middle School). Go to kmspto.org/konaice and follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter Zip code
  2. Place your order ($15 minimum plus there is a $1 convenience fee) and click on Checkout
  3. Select “Delivery”, enter Delivery Address (including City and State) and click “Confirm Address” (Max Delivery Distance from KMS is 4 miles)
  4. Select “Schedule for another day”
  5. Select “Fri, Nov 13”
  6. Select “1:00 PM – Kaimuki Middle School”
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Fill in required information and click on “Pay Now” to checkout with a credit card
  9. Receive email confirmation and wait for your order on Fri., Nov 13 between 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Square Barrels is also offering up their Burgers for Bucks program. Mention “KMS Burgers for Bucks program” and for every burger purchase, the KMS PTO will receive $1! The promotion runs from 11/8/2020 – 11/21/2020. Located in downtown Honolulu, you can find their menu here and their modified COVID hours are:

More info can be found at squarebarrels.com

Thank you!

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